Well, here it is. Our shiny new website. What do you think?
There’s been a lot of mulling about at the roastery, getting things ready to launch, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

The main goal of this new web presence is to better match what we are up to everyday - roasting exceptional coffees, and working deep into our supply chains to get them to you, so you can have a tasty coffee every morning, and sometimes even take a moment to wonder about that coffee’s journey.

We’ve tidied up our main navigation to make it easier to find everything. If you are someone who wants an easier way to get coffee delivered when you want it, we’ve got a brand new way to subscribe to our ever changing single origin filter coffees, and our espressos as well.

There’s a log in feature, so you can create an account, save your shipping addresses and make the process of buying coffee easier (and dare we say it more fun). Open this site on your phone! marvel in its responsiveness!

The Transparency Update on our sourcing page is something we’ve never done - and we are so pleased we did. Showing our work, and giving you a sense of the financial bit of how we source is something we’ve wanted to take a crack at for awhile now. This is something we intend to publish each year.

So take a look around. In the next few weeks, we will be publishing more articles (like how to take advantage of subscriptions, and fully customize them), a video or two, and some other fun bits.


The Team at 49th